So me and my friend were getting bored and for fun we tried to find alternative words for cuss words. We replaced

Fuck with flower

-- it's actually nice to use it in a sentence like you flowered this up but in case of severe anger and frustration we still use fuck

Shit with Nutella (although shit is not a cuss word)
-- you piece of Nutella (change it to whatever you like)

Penis with brother (this one only for fun)
-- I'll hit your brother if you don't flower off from here , you piece of Nutella

Also work in progress. Feel free to contribute and let's come up with more replacements.

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    This is thoroughly stupid.
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    Doesn't the fact you default to "fuck" under duress reinforce its value as a stress valve?

    Problem with "fuck" is that it's not sufficient anymore, so we have to replicate it multiple times---so we *are* in dire need of a replacement.
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    I'll cut up yer useless Tuna and turn it to sashimi, you bagless pepper pot!!!

    Now get yer, peanut butter strawberry jam together, or I'll toss you into the toaster!!!
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    @AlexDeLarge I know 😅 don't take it too seriously 🙏
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