I applied to Amazon recently not really thinking about it I was just bored. Dropped my CV and I was asked to fill in why would I want to work in that position. I un-ironically put “It sounds like a lot of fun”, got rejected instantly then got an unrelated message from an Amazon recruiter from another division inviting me to apply, rejected it because it didn’t sound as fun.

I’m an honest bloke I just want to have fun.

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    Amazon ain't no fun.

    Fuckers are the worst to work for unless you drink their Kool-aid.

    In higher up positions it's run exactly like a cult.
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    @sariel the position sounded fun at least the idea of working on that specific set of systems but yeah I just imagined a pompous guy looking at the mail sayin’

    “Fun?! We are here to make money thou shall have no fun muster [rejected]”
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    @JKyll chances are likely that they automated the whole thing.

    Amazon is huge on that kind of shit, it's part of the reason why they're so terrible to work for.
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    @lambda123 as they said it’s probably automated or they just didn’t believe someone thought their job could be fun ­čśé
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    Didn't write enough "synergies" and "amazonians".
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    Funny how a project being cool is the only thing keeping developers learning a new tech that biz ppl consider professional.
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    Former AWS eng/architect here ... Just don't ever work there is all I can say.
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    @CodeOrDie please say more tho lol why did you leave?
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    @JKyll it was insanely boring, things move too slowly. As others said it's a cult. If you don't think/act like everyone it becomes clear you aren't welcome. I experienced this. Also, I was actively pressured many times to contribute part of my pay to Amazon's lobbyist activities. As for the pay, it's capped. I know the cap has since been raised but at my time you could not make more than $160k USD in cash per year and was told it would take years to get near that level. Even though my boss knew I was unhappy he told me I could not transfer to another dept since I was not there long enough. This is not true and against company policy. Management says policy is they think you're good enough to hire so they want to keep you so if you're happier in a different role you should be able to transfer. But clearly my boss wasn't having it ... so I left and make more money now than the old salary cap allowed and I'm incredibly happy with my current job and the people I work with.
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    I always enjoy funning in easter eggs, or oysters
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    Shudda said you did it just for the money, instant hire. You are now a manager at amazon
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