Recruiters be like
We are looking for a fresh graduate with 1000 projects and 10 years of experience

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    If it's an impossible requirement you can still apply and be their best candidate.
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    Those recruiters sounded like they don't know what they're doing. 😒
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    @diobert as well most of them are recruiting seniors i do barely find a junior job position with minimal recruitment, ugh this field
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    @Mba3gar create something awesome and show them that ur young skilled and talented.
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    @diobert sure that's what am doing even though am still getting some weird questions from space and that's so sad
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    @Mba3gar there are better recruiters out there, don't waste ur time with these fuks. All they care about is commission and quota.
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    *with salary of an intern
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    @py2js so true and that's so sad
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