You stupid lousy price of potato shit windows, yes that’s right - this pissed of windows user is pissed the fuck right off.

Here I am letting you sit there idling along and then I press the start button, you know that fucking button I press regularly for fucking years, only for you to go “fuck you, I’m going to blue screen instead” like what the flying fuck? There hasn’t been any updates in a while that I’ve noticed but this shit is just a shit.

So what ever, let’s reboot this mother fucker, oh wait now you can’t fucking boot, I can hear the hdd spinning a million miles an hour (coz non ssd) but noooo your just going to sit there like a dumb ass prick who doesn’t know what the fuck your doing.

So fine, let’s pull out that old USB with w10 on it and do a MBR repair... (coz nothing else will fucking work in your shit list of options) ok so apparently an MBR repair gets you booting.. but wait there’s more, now you useless piece of shit are going to run a scan disk which has sat at 0% for the past 20 minutes and I don’t think I’m ever going to see that fucker move, I get it you want to do something useful, but Fucking Do it already!

Like wtf, how does a stable system just decide to shit itself.

Oh and before you say it.. no I can’t install Linux on this piece of shit, see my previous rants for that problem.

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    Yay it fucking boots .... oh wait nope you dumb ass, now it green screens with a driver issue!!!

    Ta going to be a long ass night by the looks of things. Send coffee!
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    @C0D4 sending virtual hug...
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    So in short your HDD is faulty and you blame software for that?
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    @kamen nothing wrong with HDD.
    Can still boot safe mode, can boot into cmd and runs chkdsk via recovery tools, sfc, ect, since it won’t run at boot without freezing, can’t roll back windows to previous version, can’t do a system restore even though there’s several restore points, I’m more inclined to think the OS has just had a mental crisis.
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    @C0D4 Running chkdsk alone (you didn't even mention passing successfully) might indicate and probably fix errors in the file system; sfc might restore missing and/or replaced Windows files. What I think you need to do is, if you're able to boot after all, to run HDTune and look at the S.M.A.R.T. status and run an extended surface scan, if not, to find a bootable utility that can do the same.

    If Windows is preventing you from doing a roll-back or a system restore as a protective measure because it detects a hardware error, then I can't even begin to imagine what hell you might be getting into with Linux.
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    @kamen hdd seems to be in decent working condition ( smart tests pass and nothing appears out of the ordinary)

    I ended up just wiping it, I only have so much patience when it comes to debugging an OS issue, since nothing seemed to want to work getting it to boot or even just restoring its self.

    Formatted same HDD reinstalled W10 and all seems to be working fine again - well except my internet connection while I wait for the updates to download 😅
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