Can someone help me? Dont know what to do, im searching on page 5 of Google... I tried everthing and all the same 😢

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    Im soo disaponting about windows 10
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    I was on page 5 of google the other day over something else. I feel your pain
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    1: uninstall
    2: open cmd as adminstartor
    3: run the setup.exe
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    Never go to the fifth page of Google my friend
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    I find it best to reboot after installing software or updates. Also closing evrrything else while doing so.
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    I love Windows and their helpful error messages!!!

    Assuming you still have ypur license key??

    To get around this in work, i download the tool from the following link:
    which uninstalls any and all traces of office.
    Double check theres no 'office' folder in the program files/program data folders, Reboot your pc, Disable any anti virus you have running and redownload the installer from office.com/setup.
    Nightmare but always works for me!

    Hope it works... Best of luck!
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    Check the setup logs?
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    @Number0 i tried that and nothing... I reset the computer and tried to install again and have the same problem. I tried the Office 2016 and 2013
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    @dudipsh i tried too
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    @Paramite i'll try that, or i go to make a hdd image and go to install windows 7
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