someone who thought me about computer when i was a child. someone who thought me machine code, and cobol. someone who thought me about the world. now he is, my dad, hospitalized again (12th times already this year) for cardiac arrest. and today, he is getting better and showing a lot of progress.

This situation thought me again about how life works and how hard can it be. my dad divorced with my mom since i am 3 months old and i've been living with my aunt since. and now he married again with a women with 2 child. i though he was gonna be happy. and apparently not. at the time of the cardiac arrest, his wife don't even want to bother and getting involved if her husband got anything emergency like this, every single thing is thrown at me (or my aunt), from calling the ambulance, paying the hospital and medical bills, accompany my dad, every minor perks, Everything and Always. Once, i reach the point and i'm very angry to her, but my dad always hold me back. and now i don't even want to bother, care, or whatever to his wife again. i just care for my father.

This will temper me more and more, for anyone who searching for your love of your life, please be careful. there is still alot of woman who doesnt have any heart.

Life is hard.

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    Hang in there.
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    He seems like a great guy! Best wishes!
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    Blind love can truly be dangerous sometimes. Hope he'll get better soon, and kick that selfish bitch right out of his life. Until then, stay strong! And whenever you need to vent about stuff, know that we're here for you :)
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    Stay strong ❤
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    Best wishes pal. Never give up, know this community will always be here to at least provide you with some supportive words! <3
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    Nothing but respect to you my friend
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    Stay strong and I hope your father will be fine and healthy
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    Stay Strong buddy..you are a good person. He will be better soon ❤
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    I wish the best for your father and you
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