Lost the stressball... 😭😭😭
Wish me luck to find it again 😪

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    I lost my stickers but found them again.

    Good luck
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    Try and find your own balls while you're at it.
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    Losing a stress ball would stress me out.
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    @platypus I'd have a ball when I found it, though.
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    Sounds stressful. Good thing you have that st... oh... oh god
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    Look at your table .. its there next to your red bull and rubber duck.
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    Ask your mother to find it. She'll find it anyway.
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    Day 1:
    mom didn't find it. rip hope
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    Looks like you didn't have enough stress during the time period of losing it.. there you are, so long without a stressful event and now this.. karma is a bitch indeed! :P
    .. Anyway, good luck on finding it back! Perhaps I'll purchase one from the swag store soon as well. Not like any of my rants will ever reach 500++ without me selling my soul to joke/meme anyway :')
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    @iamgio I think you should post a diary entry here once a day chronicling life without your stress ball.

    Day 75: Feel like it's pointless to go on...

    Day 102: Why the fuck does that squirrel keep staring at me?!

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    Day 2:
    Still not found
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    My hope is dead
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    After 57 days, mom found it!!!
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