How Bad I'm at frontend Development: about 3 year ago i accidentally wrote </from> instead of </form> while working on the frontend of a website, everything just went bonkers. Took me 10+ hours to realize my mistake.
In my opinion frontend devs are real hero they have to learn multiple frameworks, and make website respinsive and work on IE at the same time. Idk Why the fuck clients still want their website to work on IE (fuck you Carl, your users are of age group 15-22 they don't even know wtf IE is)
P. S. At that time i didn't knew HTML validators are a thing.

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    God damnit Carl
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    and now there's an Edge to make it worse
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    15-22 do not know about IE?
    That is a nice joke.
    You not knowing it to those times does not mean that everyone else in that age does not have to know it, as well. /s?
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    Debugging is even harder in frontend imo
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- they're tergeting college students. As a student i never say anyone using I.E. in my opinion it's waste of money and time
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    Do you honestly believe that 15-22 year olds don't know what IE is?

    I've used IE for about a year or two until I realized that other browsers exist.

    Young people aren't stupid, you know.
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