How i listen to songs while coding:

Take a headphone, using it, start coding..., after 2 hours, damn i forgot start the music 🙄

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    I've done this before lol.
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    I do this literally all the time regardless of what I'm doing
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    I do this all the time so that people don't disturb me when they see I am listening to music.
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    #metoo :) although I do turn ANC on
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    That's me.
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    accurately described me
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    Oh, that's totally me. :)
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    A bit like when you take a look on your phone to see what time it is. Put your phone back down in your pocket, then realize that you forgot to check what time it is.
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    Story of my life!

    This happened to my at least once a week.
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    I never know what songs I listened too 🤣🤣 after a session.

    P.s- I'm looking for new headphones any suggestions ??
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    If looking for cheap headphones the Skullcandy anti headphones is pretty nice.
    Otherwise go for something wireless by the brand boAt ,they are all over these days.
    Just don't go for Sony ,they suck.
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    @ceee I'm going for good one's maybe under 4k with headphones instead of earphones and if they are real good I'll push my budget till 6k too. But yea Sony sucks for under 10k.
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    @drekhi12 I have nvr really kept a 4k budget for headphones,have always gone for cheap ones 😂.
    So I can't advice you well.
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    @ceee haha even I didn't go for the expensive ones but I wanna try it 😁
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    Oh, this so much. And when I start the music, I never realise when it ends. :') So I eventually sit in silence for a looong time as well.
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    Phew, it wasnt just me, then
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