Some of you probably already know about this, but I figured i'd post it just in case.

Found a USB multiboot solution called Easy2Boot that supports over 300 different types of ISOs and payload files.

You could have 10 different linux live distros on the same USB or maybe a bunch of different windows installations on the same USB. The feature list is quite huge and it seems better than the other multiboot alternatives I found out there.

Happy booting

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    Finally!! Thank you! I was looking for this but never found something useful.
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    @paranoidAndroid Just a lucky find while looking for something else entirely! :)
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    I always used YUMI for this... but I'll give it a try :3
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    @FinlayDaG33k From what i've read I think Yumi might be easier to setup, but lack a lot of the features e2b has. Bear in mind I haven't tried any of them yet.

    I'm planning on setting up a few live distros though. Any distro suggestions?
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    @RantSomeWhere It's a lot to ask, but i'm interested in getting a 128g usb and putting some useful distros and other useful stuff on it. What tools might you be referring to? :)
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    @KrissJonsi It totally depends on the distros you currently use and part of your everyday work.

    Like if you are a linux user, you could have a copy of arch and ubuntu on it, kali too if you are a pentester.

    Have a copy of windows 7 or 10, it is always of use when most of the machines around you amongst friends and family are on windows.

    And you can also store your own files. Even then 128 gigs seems a bit of overkill.
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    @KrissJonsi depends on what you're looking for.

    You could see if you can get RedoxOS working (tho idk if it's Linux only for e2b)
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