Short story of a developer

0) Don't know how to do something
1) Search for hours on internet
2) Find only crappy codes
3) Try a crappy code
4) Realize that it works only for who created the code (What the hell...)
5) Cry
6) Ask on forums
7) Get downvote without any reason
8) Receive useless answer
9) Delete project

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    I am about to reach the cry stage, but hell no i am not going to ask on "forums".

    I will just wait until I have a clear mind.
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    16)Start a new project;
    17)Run into new problems;
    18)Google around, immediately find solutions and answers to the problems you experienced in your, now deleted, project;
    20)Yell at the monitor;
    22)Swear at yourself, break something;
    24)Calm down and accept your fate;
    25)Write a rant on dev Rant;
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    @theKarlisK moved from 9 to 16! Wonder what happened in between 🤔
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    @FahadAlt we don't talk about 10) to 15) ... the police is still investigating what happened during this.
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    @theKarlisK I shouldn’t have asked about it 😓
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    Exactly but work suddenly and make us surprise
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