Who invented WhatsApp in the first place anyway?

Cuz I do not know when is the right time to "off work" since I start working.

People start ranting about my blue ticks if I don't reply after working hours.

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    Turn off those damn receipts then!
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    @Cyanide I will not turn off read receipts because some people think they are more important than what I am doing at that point in time. I also refuse to give any explanation as to why I do not reply immediately. I did not (and will not) sign a contract that mandates me to be available at all times with any of those idiots.

    if it's urgent, give me a fucking call.
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    You can sideload whatsapp, have a business (number) and a private account. Fixed.
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    @balte Here, here 🍻
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    Whatsapp plus. U can hide read receipts for even group chats.
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