that's how we became developers :D

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    I was fresher and in java interview. After giving all answers I was offered a job for WordPress developer.

    I was in need of money so Here I am PHP Developer.
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    @OPM46 I had given interview in java and today I am JavaScript developer.
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    @dsdev good to know not alone :)
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    @OPM46 However I am happy to be a JavaScript developer.
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    I got interviewed as a PHP and Java developer. Still working there but I have been part of projects that are PHP, Java, Angular, React, Ruby, Delphi(saying that I know a bit of this, was I think the worst decision of my life)
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    I was interviewed in java, put into php development for first year and a half and got moved to android java. Couldnt be happier
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    Works the other way as well.
    I was hired as a php dev and by now almost exclusively write c# and js.
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