Friend: I hate my new OnePlus 6. It's really slow and hangs a lot

Me: I can't believe

Friend: Use it yourself, you'll know.

*Me using his phone
*Realising it was really slow
*Checking his installed apps

- CCleaner
-DU Booster
-Antivirus free version
-Antivirus pro
-Antivirus ultimate
-Battery Saver
-App Booster
-Super Cleaner
-RAM Master

*poured poision in his coffee
*enjoyed watching him die slowly

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    Did he try downloading more RAM?
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    @lxmcf I guess he did 😂😂
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    @not-a-muggle can't be too safe. Throw in 2 VPN running at the same time too.
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    @not-a-muggle people around in my country literally do this because “double layer protection”
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    We will have to start putting two condoms on, it seems. Because you are never too safe, you know...
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    It's like eating 3 diet menus to lose more weight.
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    @hack w3lL 1 dR4nK 0 suG4r C0k3 s0 I g3t l3zz f4T w1tH mcD0n4lDs
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    @lxmcf buehahahah
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    Give the OnePlus 6 to a good owner (me) to save it :)
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    It was slow because op6 is like the wands in harry Potter 🙂.
    Your friend never had the phone's allegiance. He'd never know how fast the phone actually is. Go tell him.
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    @ceee haha! You're right. Btw my sister also gives me examples of Harry Potter. She calls herself potterhead
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    @omigator So you know what kind of a hell it is. Take a ++ from a fellow potterhead brother.
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    @not-a-muggle Haha,that is true, but this guy is a muggle 🤣
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    @omigator I am not a Potterhead thought 😅 just a mediocre fan 🤣.
    However my sister is a Potterhead 😂
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    @TheOct0 my pleasure
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    @ceee Congrats one 5k++ :)
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    @ceee don't know what's wrong with these younger sister these days 😁😁
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    Can't stop laughing
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    @TheOct0 omgoshhh 😮 😊 thanks 😋
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    @not-a-muggle makes a lot of sense !
    I like that line !
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    @S-Homles-MD yeah like “just incase people seeing me eating this, with diet coke they gonna be like, well that’s fine, the guy got diet coke with him”
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    @not-a-muggle Probably didn't have the adequate broom.
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    @not-a-muggle that'll actually be pretty cool. !
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    @not-a-muggle *and then proceeds to crack it*
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    @TheOct0 wait for it, they usually like Imma try the trial first man
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    Excuse me while I go vomit
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    @Paramite nah higher resolution update packs are the future
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    @lxmcf You could also download additional buttons if you own an iPhone
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    @TheOct0 how about downloading the entire Google so we can use it offline
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    @omigator That's actually a great idea
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    @omigator @TheOct0

    Any wild guess about size of such astronomical data
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    @CuriousDroid I once heard (in 2012) the whole internet was 4 hexaBytes. Since Google indexes the vast majority of it I'd say around 3 hexaBytes?
    That's 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 (3*10^18) bytes of data ^^'

    EDIT: I gave an estimate of Internet, not what Google actually stores, which would be more around a few petaBytes than hexaBytes.
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    @TheOct0 that's a big number.
    @CuriousDroid I've no idea 😅
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    @omigator I just estimated it quickly. I think the last estimate might be close to reality though, since a terabyte isn't all that much now.
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    I can't believe a person can ruin such an incredible phone by sheer ignorance alone... 😭
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    On some phones you may wanna download a headphone jack
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