> Tells client, if content isn't hosted on their server somewhere, we'll have to update the app every time they need new content

> Client refuses saying it will take too much time and effort to maintain

*Several weeks later*

> Get email from client asking to update the app because content is out of date

> I want to reply with 'Sorry no can do, it will take too much time and effort to maintain'

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    just ask what it takes €€
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    @pneves yeah probably will, it's not a lot of work but it's the exact thing I said would happen and they didn't believe me
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    @adamdwalker When I do a job for someone I give them two minor/médium changes for six months (after they approve the final release) and for small updates for two years. After that they know that they will need to pay for more.
    Ask what you deserve :)
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    @pneves I think I might be able to convince them to actually host some of the content (probably not all) but that should save me from having to do this every time they want something new
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    @adamdwalker It's a way, but if they refuse to work in the best way, they can't refuse to pay the work. I think that here you should choose the best way for your sanity and your pocket :p
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    @pneves oh yeah, I certainly don't mind getting paid for this but it's pretty dull work and I've usually got better stuff to be doing
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    I know that feeling.
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    In Life, you can never give two options to people like that if they're technically unviable. Say "We need to host things on your server." instead of "... or we host it somewhere else but that can lead to problems"
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