I got a new living dogbugging tool!

Her name is July since she was compiled in July. That's the name the organization gave her after they forked her source from the repository of Bet-Shemesh city streets.

She's an awesome dev in doglang

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    as a fellow user once said: "I see doggo, I upvote"

    super cute
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    Damn she is beautiful !
    Doggolang is a heccin bamboozling lang, only VV smart dev can do a dev in it 😮
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    Where is it?
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    @hubiruchi The photo is in Tel Aviv

    @neilssi i have a soft spot for dogs too, thank you :)

    @AlexDeLarge thanks man, she looks happier every day since we've met. We are already inseparable!

    @ceee lol thanks! 😃
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    Cute. That is all.
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    @hubiruchi you know the spot :)
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    Compiled in July 😂 well it sure does look like the compilation went well! She looks great! Be sure to always take care of any segfaults and remember to pick up the core dumps when you take her out.. Be a responsible Doglang dev 😉
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    How many Israelis are actually on devRant? Maybe we should so a developer meet up.

    Btw, on every third tuesday of every month, there is a DefCon at the Checkpoint building in Tel Aviv. Fascinating talks about Cyber Security. If you're interested, you should come with your devRant t-shirt or your duck, we'll recognize each other :)

    Also, I've never met anyone from Bet Shemesh, so it would be interesting to cross that off my bucket list.
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    @AforAutism Thanks for the info. Any other good dev related recommendations?
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    @hubiruchi Yeah, don't commit after 2 am
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    @AforAutism I have no idea how many Israeli developers are in devRant, but I used to proudly tell people I worked with about this network.

    Also there are tons of developer meet-ups all over the country, just pick your niche!

    About the dog (Yuli):

    I have no idea how the organization that saved the dog got to Bet-Shemesh, but if you are interested in adopting you can find the organization in Gan-Meir near Dizengoff center every Friday between 10:00 - 16:00 (their name is Mitnadvim Lemaan Klavim)

    P.S. - although I am a supporter of devRant for more than a year - I never got any stickers or duckies and its OK. I did get a mail (real post mail) once congratulating me on joining devRant. That was enough for me.
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    @Condor LOL :)

    Luckily the core dumps occur only when we are off-premise. It's like the dog was tested before it was deployed to my house.

    That doglang though is so ruff-ruff!
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    @RantSomeWhere am I weird for having noticed that the sofas are in dark theme before noticing the dog lying on it..? 😶
    .. Anyway, great looking dog!
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    @RantSomeWhere *looks away from white furniture*
    Yep, other than that white theme **** it's exactly my style!
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    @RantSomeWhere hah, good point 😛 just between the two of us, on the patio I'm using light theme as well.. don't tell anyone 😜
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    @RantSomeWhere that's an awesome medical looking dog! looks like doggo has its gloves-on its paws and everything :)
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    @RantSomeWhere what breed is this 😮 looks very strong
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    The goodest lang
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    @RantSomeWhere oh wow ! Royal doggo ! They are heccin loyal 😮
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    @RantSomeWhere yes exactly they were owned and bred by japanese royalty. Hence they have that the non pleasing attitude.
    I do know a bit about akitas ,I wasn't able to recognise 😅.
    They are amazing dogs.

    Yes I have seen hachi and even read about him 😭😭😭😭😭
    They recently made a statue of the prof. And hachi reuniting. Too lovely 😭😭😭
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