Great. Facebook is building the social media system from Black Mirror's "Nosedive".


If there's anyone that could be trusted with that info it's our altruistic friends at Facebook.

What could possibly go wrong...?

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    Facebook. Big Brother's little brother
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    This mass surveillance network/engine is becoming mote creep every day.
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    @platypus ++ for the last sentence, a favourite line one of my ex-colleagues loved. :-)
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    I’m not a Facebook user, but based on the article it sounds like the score isn’t displayed publicly to other users, and is based on the quality of your previous content reporting accuracy.

    Not an issue as far as I can see.
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    @mrgadget But the fact that that sort of data does exist somewhere makes it vulnerable enough to be stolen, misused, or simply be made public in a future update.

    But yeah, as @platypus pointed out, What could possibly go wrong?
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    @mrgadget Except: bias.
    Who says your content is accurate? Facebook. And they're already guilty of overt prejudice and bias, not to mention corruption.

    It's a very fancy push for censorship -- except its end result is censoring people, not just content, making it considerably scarier.

    Censorship is destructive and should not exist.
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