I need someone standing behind me 24/7 making sure I don't try to String == "test"
Just wasted half an hour wondering why nothing was happening

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    When you finaly learn that, you
    are going to have problems with
    if( string = "test" )

    One problem solved, another created :P
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    Rip java
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    that took me about 3-6 days to fix. through hours of stackoverflowing someone mentioned to use the .equals method instead and it blew my mind away, why the fuck would someone build that in java
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    @SukMikeHok its for the first time I agree with you :D
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    @Codex404 Every man must agree with mr Hok
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    @SukMikeHok @Codex404 From what I remember... it has something todo with == being a comparison for object states or something like that, not values and since String is essentially a char array... its not classified as a primitive data type in java. I stand to be corrected though.
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    == compares the objects in Java for non-primitive types. So for two strings, it compares the string objects, which is almost never ehat you want.

    FWIW, my IDE complains if i do == on strings.
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    are you still on java 6?
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    @YADU @InterferenceObj I know, but why? If I would do Java I would overwrite the default string to overwrite the operators.
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    @InterferenceObj @Codex404 it probably wasnt intentional... just a side effect of how the comparison for objects/non-primitive data types had to be
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    I just did it again. Kil me.
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