How to solve problems in Java: change the language

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    C#ing all day everyday
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    i switched from a c# company to a java company.
    been half a year nnow, still amused how shitty java is compared to c#
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    @Salmakis @Torbuntu for a variety of reasons, I think there are more shitty java code bases than shitty C# code based. However shitty and good examples of each exist.
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    @Torbuntu that is a big reason, but I’m sure there are others
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    C# with .net core is gold
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    All languages have it's down side. Y'all should calm the fuck down
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    Y'all need some Python
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    And I am just Cing this pointless argument :P
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    I used java for majority of my university time and again when developing an android app, wasnt that bad, I used c# now because of unity but I don't see any need to say I hated java.

    objective-C is another thing entirely ugh...
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