Using the Facebook Messenger thing on a recently updated Android 8 (finally, Huawei pieces of rotten eggs) is a friggin' pain in the starhole. For the life of me I can't seem to fudging remove this damn useless notification popping up... (pic)

It's more intrusive than the app itself... D:

I guess I'll need to trash the app then.. Good fucking riddance!

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    Hold on... I mean hang on... no... and not yourself.

    Tap that notification, hold it, deactivate the notification. Is it that difficult? :/ Or not possible (no effect?)?

    Edit: But yeah, kill it with fire... :3
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    @Irithyll No avance, neither tapping it once; there it shows that the option "Permit drawing over other apps" is Enabled - But I want it like that.

    Holding it, shows me the settings to show Android notifications etc. None are enabled...

    So..; just now I toggled that first mentioned option off and on, that was enabled...

    It's gone. WTF - "Have you tried to turn it off and on again?" isn't a good fucking UX. AT ALL. >.<

    Aaaahr =')
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    🤔 Just tapping shows the options ofc...

    You should only hold that, too, not only tap it 😂

    Have fun 😝 Hopefully it's gone forever :3
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    @Irithyll It's back... I guess the toggle didn't fix it after all xD
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    Well just disable the notification.

    Hold the notification, toggle it once, go back.

    OR / AND

    Have a look at the settings directly - Settings > Apps and Notifications > ...
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    It isn't messenger, it's Android 8. I get them for a variety of things. They're super annoying. I'm yet to figure out the way to prevent them.
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    @qwerty77asdf Exactly! No way to turn off those damn notifs.
    @Bl4ck0u7 Presumably that's something I might have to wait for, another year...
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    Okay... I just disabled the notification for "overlay" by holding that notification, touched the toggle (to grey) and pressed the "Done" button.

    It's working on an Android 8.1 system... just a normal feature 🤔

    I tested it with Myki - it should be the same notification option (in your Settings... duh 😂) for Messenger - the "default" notification.
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    @Irithyll Mine's on 8.0 and that, sadly, doesn't work. It just reverts to being untouched.
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    There is that option, right?
    You toggle the button and it's toggling back? OR does it stay off BUT the notification still is visible?

    In both cases - that's not default Android behaviour xD That should be a bug... report that bug... 😝

    Edit: https://stackoverflow.com/questions...

    Well... that's interesting, too 🤔
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    @Irithyll Will look into the XDA article later, thnx xD Should've researched that myself, but I've been so busy grr xD Cheers!
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