In image: "Downloading now, if it's good, I give it 2 more stars." And never came back.
Here in Brazil, it's not hard to find this kind of review in almost every single app, unfortunately.

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    This comments are everywhere! It's so fucking annoying! (I'm from Portugal, but idk why, I only see Brazilian comments...)
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    @P3t3r6 maybe play store recognizes Brazilian Portuguese as the same language as your Portuguese. Let's freak out together :(
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    This is usual by lots of southamerican people, and some spanish too... (I'm spanish). It's annoying as hell. But, this comes from the usual and really annoying popup saying "you liking? review this app now", which some people doesn't treat as a valuable thing for devs. Blame to SEO and positioning in Play Store.
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    @ivannieto if only play store just permitted reviews on downloaded (and if possible, launched) apps only, this would be much less infuriating, indeed.
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    @Phyro but man, they are Google. They meed thes kind of crappy people. Users after all.
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    need* this*
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