1) buy devrant stickers.
2) travel.
3) put stickers on checked bags. One on every side would be preferable.
4) easily find bags when arriving to destination as devrant stickers will make them stand out.


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    And let the stickers be destroyed by the baggage system? Ive been to multiple baggage systems around the world, they wont survive in most of them.
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    yeah, I just don't travel with checked bags.
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    @Codex404 I have been traveling with them twice and no problems so far.
    Both flights were 10+ hours long.
    Don't underestimate the stickers.
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    @jonii well sometimes you might need to if you have something that's sharp or has some features that aren't allowed to be in carry on.

    It's definitely nice not having to wait in line to check bags.
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    1) post to devRant and get stickers for free
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    @YousifMansour the flight time itself doesnt matter, what matters is the airports and the baggagesystems.
    Some baggage systems have a pretty high bag destroying rate. Let alone what would happen to some stickers...
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