TL;DR: Free/cheap software for photo editing?

My sis edits her photos with PicsArt and she sometimes takes mini-jobs for a wedding or something. Yet she seeks some "more professional" editing software (for desktop).

Ofc since it is a hobby she doesn't want to buy adobes kit for photoshop yet on the other hand, pirating it is bullshit when earning money with it.

What are your free/cheap one-time-pay photo editing software recommendations? (I already recommended her affinity and gimp but she doesn't really wanna learn gimp)

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    @Alice Maybe free software - buying something is always another step - does affinity have a demo or something? She wants to try it out before buying.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 is more of an image editing software than photo editing. Sure it can do all the stuff (I use it a lot) - but it's not optimal for a new user and the workflow isn't that good either. Yet it's also my personal recommendation
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    @BambuSource Contact via my email
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    DarkTables as a replacement for LightRoom, GIMP as a replacement for PhotoShop
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    @Alice IMO for a hobby it's pretty sufficient
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    Free photo editing software but doesn't want to learn. Gotcha
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    @shaji haha you're right. Yet you gotta say that gimp does not have a clean UI and smooth learning curve, compared to Photoshop.
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    @Artemix that's us nerd, I guess. I could find my people on here who say linux has an easier-to-use UI than MacOS.

    I'm not experienced with photoshop, yet I use gimp a lot. It's straightforward *for me* as well.
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    I can recommend darktable.
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    @oscarascal yeaaa gimp =/= photoshop but what most people want to do with images doesn’t scratch the surface of photoshop and can be done in gimp.
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    @BambuSource it is exactly the same, except that it's MDI
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