The ones who use it, what do you like or value about Linux? Why do you use it?

Before I answer, let me say that I am a noob compared to the rest of this community. I run Ubuntu because Arch was too complicated when I tried and bash scripts equal to frustrations for me. That's my knowledge level.

- I don't feel "observed" when using a Linux distro compared to Windows and macOS.
- Feel more connected to the open source thought and the free spirit.
- Feel like I can do anything I want. Learning new programming languages easily, trying out web servers, try and setup own website or mail server etc.
- Everything is accessible. Read something cool about docker? ALT+T to open a terminal and start up a docker container to try out.
- No Internet browsing for software, like googling "Firefox download english".
- Sometimes forces me to learn about the workings of a computer, like networks, servers, routing, firewalls, bootup sequence etc.
- So many great command line tools. Want to find out quickly who owns a website? Want to query a specific DNS server? All possible within 5 seconds!

All in all using Linux feels like watching a documentary while using Windows is more like watching a dumb comedy show where I can turn my brain off, but get more stupid after a while.

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    Full customizeable and lightweight, I need a second OS to try out node js
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    - apt upgrade also updates the apps I have installed
    - No Cortana
    - It runs much better
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    - more ram for other things
    - almost every thing of the os can be changed or recompiled
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    Linux just feels more direct, you don't have layers upon layers of stupid UI with warning popups, update notifications and rabbit holes of option dialogs.

    But most importantly Linux is choice. You can choose a distro, a user interface, a terminal emulator and so much more and configure everything as much as you want it.

    Linux can be used and optimized for almost anything.
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    I use linux because:

    - it's fun to tinker around with
    - gives me options for everything (window manager, for example)
    - awesome for programming
    - windows and Mac mostly always work, which means I am bored of using them. With linux, it works pretty much always, but does give me a challenge, especially exactly when I need it 😅😁

    I use arch linux specifically because:

    - latest software (gcc 8 for example, love the std::filesystem)
    - AUR, I can't switch to other bleeding edge distros because of this 😑😏
    - it's barebones, I get to configure it how I like
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