Hi guys, as I think this is the perfect good place to share point of view, I would love to know what do you think.
Years after years, people fight against hacks/piracy, like governments or video games editor.
Recently, we all heard about that piracy team who said that in the close future, breaking games protection would be impossible, yet the famous Denuvo (DRM) even if hard to break, is still broke few days/weeks after game release.

Here's what I think.
No matter what, hacking/piracy will always have steps ahead of protections. Because that's the way it is, the way it works. Maybe protections will be effective for a while, but there will always be somewhere, someone smart enough to break it. I start thinking that when a iPhone/Sony claims that they were safe and Geohot break their protections one by one.
There is no perfect protection.
(Quantum computers aside).

What do you guys think?

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    Denuvo has many versions, and with each they completely change the way it works.
    The Chinese team said that in few years the new denuvo would be too complicated to be cracked by them.
    They would have to spend too much time and effort only to get newer version of denuvo in the next game.
    Piracy is kind of slowed down now, but not stopped.
    And not all games have enough money to spend on denuvo so there is that too xD
    (I buy games when I can, but mostly play dota, but I pirate some to check out or play when they are too expensive for someone living in my country)
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    @juzles So you also think that, piracy of any kind will still have a future? They can, as you say, slow things down, but not make it impossible?
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    @larsouille kind of, like now when we are waiting few months for some cracks but after they crack it for that game any other that uses the same crack is immediately cracked too.

    Yify went down for movies but now there are other releases that offer the same. Some teams and websites are falling but new ones are rising all the time...
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