#Apple had just one non-proprietary port in their phones and they've removed it in #iPhone7.

Wonder how come they agreed to have USB-C in their latest notebooks.

Welcome to the expensive world of Apple.

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    I was hoping they'd move to type c rather than lighting to use for audio. Not because I'd ever buy an iPhone to use personally but because the apple community would then demand peripherals compatible with my Nexus.

    I forget apple only does proprietary....
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    Actually, thunderbolt is designed by Intel. Not Apple
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    It'll go on as long as there are enough appletards to buy whatever they sell. There seems to be enough of them.
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    I recall the EU said that all phones would need to have USB charging ports by 2017, maybe it got delayed or something because this seems a strange move considering they're presumably going to have to change port a second time if not...
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