Desperately frustrated since my little brother started studying Software Engineering in college. I was so happy that he wants to do this, but they study 10 types of math and Java.
When he gets home from vacation watches movies for weeks and weeks. Haven't seen him write a single line of code for a year and some. I believe he thinks the outdated stuff and the piece of math they study will get him a solid job with the diploma.
I am a self-taught developer and for the past 11 years I have gaps in top of a week where I wasn't studying/coding/working and by watching him throw his good years ... this is not how I see good dev raise.
I was super pissed, because he started looking for a job last month (for me he has 0 knowledge to lend a job) after 50 applications he got 2 calls (one because of me calling an HR friend of mine and the little brat refused it). I tried giving him a part in project of mine - quick piece of work 2-3 days tops so he can add something to this one page empty CV and yet he refused.
I don't know what to do anymore. For me he has no real future if he relies on the stupid college education and the piece of paper with no real knowledge for the past 2 years of studying.

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    I feel you man. I've a similar situation at my house with my younger brother like cousin. He has completed 1st year and I've never seen him writing any single piece of code. His father left him with me entrusting that I'll guide him. But the way he's performing, I'm afraid my reputation is going to go in vain.
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    just tell him: hey "brother name" I'm gonna call you john snow until you can complete this : (give him easy task that you know he can't do) and tell him this is a task on the level of ( weak fictional character from any anime or whatever he likes )
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    introduce him to devrant.
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    Start a side project and bring him on board
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    @xroad I did tried that couple of times, can't get him hooked up. His has this annoying ironic attitude where i comes 'too easy' or 'pointless', but he can't actually do it and has no idea how to forge the right attitude towards a project or a challenge. I tried to hook him to participate in a weekly coding challenge with great rewards even that can't inspire him..
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    @tsvetant that sucks. Have you tried coming up with a project that could potentially be really rewarding? I've got a friend who's similar to your brother, wants to get into coding but he either doesn't care enough to learn or freaks the fuck out when he sees a line of code. When I started partnering up with other people and we started talking in terms of millions he got motivated FAST.
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    Does he really wants to study Software Eng? Because that sounds like a I-dont-give-a-shit attitude of someone who is being forced to study something he doesn't enjoy. Ask him if that is what he really wants, and if he say yes, let life teach him the lessons.
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    Try Project Euler, maybe it gets him fixed ;)
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    apart from my earlier comment here is something what I did ( earlier comment was because I was on move)
    my younger brother was a cd student and a big fan of windows. I am nt against windows it is just there it more to computer science than html css node etc. for one year I tried to convince him to switch to linux. he didnt. then I suggested him to attend one of the work shops. after two days he shown me his machine. running linux based os , no dual booy. and then he started learning real programming. he programmed some avr , benchmarked some processors and much more. and the reason behind the swictch was the workshop , he got inspired by seeing the possibilities.
    may be this approach will help.
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    Some people really have it well. I wish I had a brother like that to work on code with. Let alone, link me up for a job. geeezz
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    @suprano same here. Kids got a good thing going and it sounds like he's wasting it.
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    @suprano me too! As a kid and through my teens I was the only person I knew who coded. I had nobody to share my triumphs with *sniffle*
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    @tsvetant do you want to upgrade your brother ? hit me back :p .
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    I think it's a new academic discipline.

    Zen coding.
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    And here's me, wanting to start Comp. Science and not being able to for financial issues. Trying to self teach myself some stuff but it's not good enough.

    Some people just don't know what they're missing.
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    @Burkes That sucks. Can't you get a scholarship or something?
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