Truth will set you free.

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    A meme isn't a meme without an irritating typo.
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    @Maragnus Didn't even notice until you said something. And even then, I still thought it made sense. #Ilovemybrain
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    Galaxy S7... 600 euros new.
    Yep I pick Android because it's cheap.
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    What if I told you Android is cheap, and still does a better job than iOS? This of course is up for debate, but for me from a development point of view, Android slaughters. Sorry.
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    It was true in 2009
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    Devices can be cheap because android is open source and free, allowing for devices to be targeted at all price points and forcing universal compatibility between them. iOS devices will become more and more high end as they lose the battle and the need for more margin increases due to lower sales numbers. I predict the iPhone holding less than 10℅ of the smartphone market in less than 5 years and apples primary revenue from iOS being made from tablet devices. I also predict a massive surge in APIs and software solutions that help bridge compatibility gap between iOS and android. I also predict apple supporting this market within 5 years.
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    And because I can do a lot with it, compared to iPhones.
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    Android is not cheap. Android is free.
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    The awkward moment when you realize this post isn't "the truth".
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