How do you actually make an AI (without if statements)?

I don't need the code or anything. Just an overall idea of how AI is taught something or how it really thinks.

Any references will be appreciated

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    Andrew Ng ML course on Coursera

    TLDW: It's calculus
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    @ausername Just looked it up, basically it's hardcore math
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    Consider you put a potato in a machine and you get fries out. Something similar happens. Then you add such machines together to make a multifunctional machine.
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    No if? Hmm.. oh I know: switch-case.
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    There is probabilistic AI for instance where actions, consequences or just state estimates are assigned probabilities. And then of course action is taken that is likely to brings the AI closer to its goal or minimizes a cost function.
    Look up Q-learning for example.

    Then there's neural nets, support vector machines, linear regression and all that, which is more about the learning AI.
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    ternary === if statement ? I dont pick ternary : I do pick ternary
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    Beautiful, lovely, wonderful calculus.
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