Me: Alright today I'm going to work on X, Y, and Z because that's what we planned yesterday.

(10 Minutes into the day)

Boss: We need you to work on A, B, and C. These need to be done today.

Me: What about X, Y, and Z?

B: You have new priorities.

(30 Minutes later)

B: What's your status on X, Y and Z? You think it'll be done today?

M: (Forwards email about new priorities)

B: I'm coming down to talk with you.


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    At least not getting any work done is not your fault
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    I hate bosses like this. Setup a Trello board, share it with him and make him physically move items to the top every time he changes his mind. lol
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    @shittywebdev because this is easily done from the comfort of his chair we actually got rid of Trello and installed a physical Kanban board at the wall of our office. Now he has to work all the way down and move the pieces everytime this happens. Doesn't happen anymore.
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    @felbit this is genius
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    This happened to me last week.

    He superseded my existing high-priority projects with "ASAP!" projects, which took up most of my week.
    I finished all but one of both sets of projects. The next week, he chewed me out in front of everyone for not getting that one other project done because it was (suddenly) far more important than everything else. He questioned my work ethic and insisted that I start tracking my hours because obviously I'm not putting enough in. (Salaried)

    Fuck him.
    Fuck him with a goddamned rusty chainsaw made from solidified pain.

    If he continues this shit, I'm leaving. His company will sink without its only developer. Actually. I'm leaving anyway. Because fuck him and his asshole self.
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    @Root THAT'S THE SPIRIT... although find another job before you quit. Or at least make sure you can find one soon.
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    @snaz I totally should, and just might do that.


    I often work between 0 and 13 hours, averaging 9-10. Yesterday was a 12 hour day. Today is closer to a 2-hour day. If I put my real schedule down, I would absolutely get yelled at. haha
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