I'm trying to move a backup User folder from a dead Windows computer over to cloud storage. In checking the size of the folder before compressing it, it shows as 1.08GB, which I guessed would be reasonable. So I zipped it and it came out to be 48GB!! Compressed to 75%! So I went one folder deeper and checked the properties of all files there. That came out to be much larger than 1.08GB. Thinking Windows has some problem revealing the true size of a parent folder and its content, I did a Google search. Sure enough, it's a bug where incorrect folder size is reported. What the heck is going on at Microsoft that this blatant of a bug would ever have a chance of getting into the code? And why is this single user at 48 GB _compressed_? I'd understand if the user was a photographer, but he's just a gamer, and these aren't applications, just save files and profile settings!


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