So here I am... thinking to myself how does this kid not know about the shift key?

Me: "Ok we're going to test see if you have sudo access. Please enter your password, now"
Student: ~stares at the black terminal box and begins pressing the caps lock key. The light doesn't display~
Student: "Um... what? Do I need to enter a new password?"
Me: "No"
Continues to click the caps-lock button and waiting for a light to appear on the keyboard. It doesn't. He continues clicking.
Me: "You need to press the shift button"
Him: "What???"
Me: "You need to press the shift button"
Him: "Um.. I don't understand"
Him: Presses shift button, nothing happens. Goes back to pressing caps lock button.
Me: "Your password has a capital letter in it right?"
Him: "Um... yeah."
Me: "Press the shift button to capitalize your letters."
Him: "I don't understand... Do I need to enter a new password?"
Me: "No... you need to press and hold the shift key to get a capital letter"
Him: "................................ ............................................ . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . ...................... . . . . . . . Oh..."
Him: "Presses and holds the shift button with his thumb and then presses the Z key."
Me: ~What in the hell are you doing?~ 🤦
Me: "Perfect it looks like you are a part of the sudoers list."
Me: "You can take you computer back."
Me: ~Do you fucking use the caps lock key to capitalize all the first letters in your sentences? Please tell me you don't!~

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    Some people...
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    My sister does this, but she is like 'the flash' of typing so no sweat.
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    He pressed and held the shift key with his left thumb and then using his index finger, very crookedly, presses the Z key. Just imagine this, and imagine my slight disgust
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    @iSwimInTheC That's fine, depending on the keyboard layout... But yeah.. a lesson in dactylo wouldn't hurt.
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    Does this person code? imagine trying to type camelCase method names 😂
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    @xewl Definitely a qwerty keyboard. Z sits right next to the left handed shift key
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    @iSwimInTheC and on azerty/qwertz well.. you guess it ;) ;D
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    Please, do humanity a favor and remove that student from the sudoers list at once ._.
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    @Condor Y u rasta, man? xD
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    @xewl ask @Linux (: I'm just offering some free redundancy on his avatar for the time being :3 (and there's that avatar switcheroo fad that resurfaced recently)
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    @Condor Sadly coming like 17K short, or I'd add to the redundancy lmao
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    @xewl eh, just replicate whatever you can :) @devTea isn't able to get the white tiger yet either, so now my avatar backup there is accompanied by a doggo :)
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    i use right shift with left hand to capitalize 'A' with my right hand. no one care

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