Should I apply if I don't have the ability to multi-task? 🤔

And also ASP.NET...

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    Send me the link of job please. I need for my cousin.
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    That is asking a lot, if you haven’t done any c# or .net you need to at least understand the Angular part
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    If you are a programmer you absolutely must be able to emulate CPU functionality better than at least 4-core CPU.
    What's unclear here? Programmer performance == CPU || programmer perf. >CPU. Simple!
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    Looks like a boiler plate job posting to me, which is to say it doesn't actually tell you anything about the job. Go ahead and apply, ask lots of questions to make sure it's a good fit.
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    Translation: We're a .NET shop, but you need to be fluent in js and a few frameworks. Or, at least, know how to Google.
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    If you can drink tea/coffee and code. You my friend are a multitasker
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    Looks like a total chaos company. Multitasking my ass. They know that context switches are expensive, but don't try to address that issue.
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