Does anyone else enjoy working remote but also have complaints about it? My biggest complaint is not being on a schedule and getting out enough.

More often than not I find myself not tired at the end of the day, so falling asleep is hard. I guess the commute drains you a lot more than I assumed. My previous 1hr+ commute both ways has turned into a roll out of bed and begin working commute.

I keep wanting to go work from a coffee shop or something, but just haven't. I've also considered travelling somewhere and working from s different city for a few days but haven't tried that either.

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    I've been doing this for twenty years.

    All your points are valid. But I make money whether I work or not because of the businesses I have setup run on their own. So it definitely evens out.
    But you have to work at it too make it work.

    Do work in coffee shops a few hours a day. Work out. And do not ever work and sleep in the same room, keep them separate. If you're in a bachelor get a separator. Don't look at any screen am hour your before bed including tv.
    Take the extra effort to do social things, never say no to social outings, it makes you a better coder in the end. These things seems simple but when you work on your own is easy to get trapped in your house and not want to leave. You have to force yourself sometimes. Learnt all this stuff the hard way
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