I found my people. We're going to start late night drunken security certification studying. Germany is fucking awesome. I haven't had anything to rant about since my flight here.

Also, celebration: my terrible boss declined the job offer from the company that bought us out. Life fucking rocks

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    I've become more and more curious about visiting this country lately.
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    @AlexDeLarge Perspective, Alex.
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    I'll be going to Germany shortly. I hope it fucking rocks for me as well.
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    Germans ranting about how shitty Germany is, that's actually a typical German trait. :-) Two questions for those Germans:

    1) which country is better than Germany?

    2) why don't you live there?
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    @AlexDeLarge Shit may stay shit. But having the least shitty shit on earth is still a good thing to have.
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    To @AlexDeLarge and other people from Germany - what's average hourly pay rate in Germany(munich) for web developers? (I'm moving to Germany so ur response might help me to negotiate it.
    Ps: working for same client remotely but at lower rate. Now they are requesting me to move there
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    @xzvf yes, the internet sucks. But, it's fun. The people here are just as weird as I am.
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    @xzvf 60k-85k (per annum) means around 5k-7k per months. So it's around 31-41eur/hr right?
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    @oztek remember that with a salary in that range, tax, health insurance, unemployment insurance, pension insurance etc. will add up to around 43% subtraction between before and after tax if you are single and have no kids.
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    @AlexDeLarge well if you were willing to move out of Berlin, at least you could get working public transport even within Germany.. ;-)

    More seriously, I myself considered Norway. The land is beautiful, but the more I got to know it, the less I was convinced that I would fit there.

    But there's one thing that I understood in the process, and that was why Hendrik Ibsen said that it was abroad where he found true Norway.
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