Anyone who is interested in Laravel and CMSs solution might wanna check these out. I have just found these and looking into them right now.


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    @devTea @rsync check above comment. I found it few minutes later than the ones mentioned in rant.

    I have been looking for easy CMS/blog package to integrate into my existing and upcoming laravel projects for e-commerce, real estate listing, media websites etc. Grafite seems something I am looking for.
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    cool. thanks for sharing.
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    Check out strapi cms !
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    I'd like to throw in Sulu (https://sulu.io/en) only used it for a small project so far, so can't really tell much about it, seams to be nice though!)
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    Hey @cursee I'm always happy to answer questions about Grafite CMS or Builder :)
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    And after trying them out wich do you recommend?
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    @MisterArie none. lol. I just end up using Voyager package for quick and dirty start and then develop custom templates and MVC for each project.
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