Happy Rosh Hashana to all the Jews of devRant!

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    And for all the non-jews as well, they're cool too.
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    @PaperBag yeah but nobody is as cool as me 馃槑
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    @AlexDeLarge how is saying happy new year "carrying religious shit"?
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    @AlexDeLarge well, I'm not tying anything, it seems to me that Rosh Hashana is more relevant to Jews than any other group.

    But, for all means and purposes, Rosh Hashana is for everyone, so happy new year for all of the people who've red my post, regardless of what they believe or where they're from
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    @AlexDeLarge devRant's description states "[...] and life as a programmer". Religion is a part of life for many people and it's embedded in the culture of many regions. And it's not impossible to believe in a system of faith and be a technologist at the same time.

    Besides, @AForAutism marked this as random, indicating that it's not part of the core devRant experience.

    Also, it's not like this is a cry for a holy crusade or something, I see no signs of devRant being polarized on religious grounds. OP even amended his statement by making it apply to everyone, not just Jews. Spreading goodwill, even religious goodwill, should be something that's commendable, no?

    Since this isn't the first time this kind of issue has been raised, and it's pretty likely that it's going to happen again, I'd like @dfox to clarify this. If he states that it's against devRant's code of conduct, I'll withdraw what I said.
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    Wtf, did @AlexDeLarge just leave devRant?
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    @RememberMe his profile does say "devRant's angriest user". Maybe he rage quit
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    @RememberMe You know what time it is? Panic time!!
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    First Alice, now fucking Alex??
    This is getting out of hand.

    It cannot ba a coincidence, right?
    Alice was 3rd place on the leaderboard if I remember correctly, and Alex was 2nd.

    They're after number one.
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    @PaperBag it's all those immigrants, I swear!
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    @AforAutism Seriously though, this is wrong.
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    Lol 馃槀
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    Out of the Abrahamitic religions, I like Jews best because they don't proselytise and produce disproportionately many clever people. Happy new year!
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    Oh no. We need to protect @Linuxxx before they get him too.
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    I hate posts like these. I cringe everytime no matter what religion posts this.
    I thought this wasn't supposed to be in my feed anymore 馃槖

    But anyway..
    砖转讛讬讛 砖谞讛 讟讜讘讛 讜诪转讜拽讛 诇讻诇 讛诪驻转讞讬诐 讛诪住讻谞讬诐
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    @bioDan 讗讜讛讘 讗讜转讱 讗讞 砖诇讬
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    Happy Rosh Hashana to you good sir. For real though, can we talk about Jesus.
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