So I have a friend who recently has been forced to graduate with an ordinary degree even tho he was on track on achieving a 2:1. This is Scotland, so it's for 3 years ordinary degree. Do you recommend a transfer to another university with 2 more years to get honours, or start applying for jobs and forget about honors?

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    If he doesnt really like programming, i recommend staying in school
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    The IT industry is blessed by the fact that people don’t ask you about your degree and grades but rather “What projects/technologies have you worked with? Tell me more what you enjoyed, learned.

    Honestly, unless you are aiming to do something cutting edge that is still being researched like AI, SDN/ SD-Wan, etc; University can only give you the basic grounds.

    Practice makes perfect :=>

    I have software development (Hon) from the UK
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    Thanks guys!
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