Today, one of my coworkers had to translate a bunch of pages to French ...
He did his job, committed, pushed, and asked someone to validate his branch in order to merge.
Tests didn't take long, the login screen was broken, because there was an there was an <input type="mot de passe"> ...

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    I asked my good friend findandreplace to help him out
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    I'm very happy that we in Italy don't translate any computer-related term! 😃
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    @xonya English seems to be a huge issue for our French speaking customers :D
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    @Nans pun intended 🤦‍♂️
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    @Nans I can attest to that. I work in a big corporation in France and all job is done in French, if they can avoid English (or any non-French language for that matter). I find it hard sometimes, since I am not a French native, but speak French. 😛
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    @Qaldim this genuinely sucks balls tho
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    I'm working in the french part of an indian company, and I swear anyone that write computer related thing/code in non-english is going to get his ass beaten, and git blamed
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    My brain's workflow for processing this..

    mot the pas..you shall not pass..what does it actually mean and what is wrong with this it has no apostro...aaaaAAAAAaaaaah ok... Input type...riiiiiight..
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    @Qaldim I'm a French native, but sometimes I wish I could work only in English! But I don't think my coworkers are ready for that haha
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    @sladuled hahaha it took me time too, when reading the code!
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    @xonya Valà hahahah, a volte senti parlare di "Server di delega" quando si parla di Proxy xD
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    @TheItalianGuy Well, French and Spanish translate a lot of terms which we don't translate...

    For example "mouse" for us is "mouse"... In Spanish is "el ratón" (really hilarious), we don't translate "computer", while in Spanish it is "el ordenador" or "la computadora" (latin America); we don't translate "home page", while in French is "page d'accueil", and so on...

    On the other hand in Italy we tend to create creepy neologisms mixing English and Italian, like: "customizzare" ("to customize", instead of the Italian "personalizzare"), "deployare" ("to deploy"), "downloadare" ("to download", instead of the Italian "scaricare") and if you are a gamer "respawnare"! :D

    Anyway, once I found "installation wizard" translated as "mago dell'installazione". XD
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    @xonya Fair enough ;)
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    @xonya sono morto quando ho letto mago dell'installazione :D
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