It has happened again. The EU has passed article 11 and 13 which has now doomed the internet for all EU Citizens.

After GDPR passed, tons of people became more aware that the EU parliament has that much control over everyday life things. Thus there was much more scrutiny over what else they may pass.

Despite expert testimony on why the articles are bad, they rejected all amendments and passed it as is.

It is no longer worth it to serve EU customers. I’m sorry guys, but I’m out.


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    Same. We're rolling out region-blocking policies on our platform next week.
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    Which is a nice region for a vpn?
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    Why is the EU a good thing again?
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    @beegC0de no wars, free trade (at least for goods and financial serices...) Otherwise... Well, who needs democracy, if you got the eu parlament?
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    @Wack no war until the EU demands it
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    @taigrr it's ok, i am proxing my way on youtube already, wouldn't mind to find a good vpn to make the job smoother
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