So apple event today was 2 hours long to say....

MOAR screen for MOAR dollar?! 💵💵😂

The only feature I want is the fall detection for when I face-palm now....

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    Maybe you missed that the chip is stupidly fast and the android phones are not on that level.
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    I know I know I jest! Some amazing innovations on the silicon level that Qualcomm just can't keep up with... Their new chip for android watches is awful in comparison.....

    Just pains me that the events are a big deal still when it's clearly become iterative rather than innovative.....
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    @FrodoSwaggins whoa, you're on every Apple post today.
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    @RememberMe I hate it when people hate something because they want to. It’s like racism. I just want to see intelligent discussions on the matter. You don’t have to like iPhones, you just have to stop denying the appeal they have to billions of people.
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    @FrodoSwaggins alright, do you own an iPhone?

    I don't really need an answer, the effort to prove it isn't worth it.
    If your honest answer is yes then you are definitely biased, willingly or not. And that's totally normal, it's human. And boy I know how it feels if you like something which is against the "mainstream opinion" in a closed community.
    F.e. I'm a huge MS fan and as you probably know, devRant doesn't specifically like the company.
    But, it's just wasted time to respond to this bashing in a manner that makes people think one is offended by the post. At the end of the day, these posts are usually satire/jokes anyways so raging (or seeming to be) is mostly embarrassing.

    That said, I would love to have an open debate about the viability and dis-/advantages of the freshly announced products but I think this should be separated from the joke/meme-posts.

    Thanks for reading!
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    @julkali thanks for your opinion. Maybe on the rant I posted 30 minutes ago? I own an iphone and am biased and I’m ok with that being on the table.

    But the reason I own an iPhone and am biased is because of the privacy business. If not for that I would not own one, period.
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    @FrodoSwaggins well, that's pretty fair.
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    @RememberMe I also like how long their shit lasts. I used my iPhone 4 for like 5 years on the latest os and now I’m on a 6s plus that I bought when it launched and plan to keep it another 3 :) the irony is people knock apple for planned obsolescence, but I don’t think there’s anybody that applies to less.

    So it’s just hearing arguments like that that are simply wrong and no two ways about it that make me mad.

    Also the dual camera thing: essential for AR.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I agree, I have an iPad 4 that still works (and still runs GarageBand, woohoo, best DAW ever).
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    @RememberMe well that I could probably come up with pro tools for ;)
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    @FrodoSwaggins I've never used Pro Tools so I can't comment on that. Reaper is what I usually go for when I want that kind of functionality.

    I like GarageBand on the iPad because of the physicality of using a touchscreen DAW, it feels more like an actual instrument which is something I really like (can't afford real hardware synths and all that jazz yet, but one day, I will).
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