Self-proclaimed 'best' hosting business solutions "GoDaddy", if had 2 brain cells, they would never suggest me to reset the account for my custom theme not working on WordPress. Fuck you cunts

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    and on top of that, the re-sellers are also cunt for not being responsible and stealing business for providing free WordPress theme for 3000 bucks, I know that not too much, but 3000 bucks for a theme under MIT license, Now I get it that why half of the devrant hates WordPress.
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    And why did you use godaddy?
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    @Linux because client
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    @Linux looks like there is an overlap between people who use GoDaddy, people who turn to their hosting provider if they mess up their WP theme, and people who shell out $3k for a free WP theme. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop it's not $ it's ₹
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    In all honestly (I work at a hosting provider), it could very well be that they're just sysadmins and don't know much about wordpress themes. At least for me that's the case.
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