Well I was in search for an internship and there was this Remote one posted online giving Rs1000(14$) for a month.

All he wanted was a fully functional clone of Coursera with hosted on AWS with videos of around 2-3TB streaming from S3 in a month :)

I asked him about his AWS costs and he replied - "Use the Internship money I'm giving you it won't cost much."

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    Dayum son, run!
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    Yeah dude what are you stingy? Use your fucking internship money
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    @growling surely will keep that in mind next time xD
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    πŸ™‚ Kahan kahan internship ke liye apply karta rehta hai 🀣
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    Bhai company forward kar mei bhi join krtaπŸ˜‚
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    @ceee you in Delhi? Which company?
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    @darkShadow07 yup, but I am a student.
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    Kaha se aate hain ye log :D
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    Build the platform yourself, then kick the guy out.
    In fact you should be able to get started with S3 without paying for the first year using the Free Tier. It's not much, but enough to learn the platform.
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    @dungeonmaster you want those 14$ for a MONTH?
    I'll give you those 14$ monthly for few months if you repeay me after a year or so (no interest rate), if you promise to make the service. Hell, I'll even provide you a server for it :p not S3 but rather VPS if you want do this :)

    Having the service launched as MVP you should be able to find investor for further development.
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    @ceee @darkshadow07 delhi walon, remember to clean the cooling vents on your PCs regularly, pta lge khud mask pehn liye PC ko bhool gaye πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯. Gotta keep those PM2.5 and PM10 particles at bay 😐.

    Also, stay healthy y'all. πŸ™ƒ

    i just assumed that darkshadow lives in delhi too. Gotta clean the vents anyways 😝.
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    @kayb01000010 😬 thanks for the advice.
    And same to you fella!
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    @kayb01000010 It doesn't feel that bad in Gurugram though, where do you stay?
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    @mt3o well thanks for the offer but I found a startup which wants to build this kind of product (a more complex version) from scratch,will pay me well and equity as per the final quality of the app giving perhaps a happy ending to this story.
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    @darkShadow07 my state is half the reason for the excessive pollution 😀. the other half being your state 😬. figure where i stay πŸ™ƒ.
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    @dungeonmaster what can you do with 14$ in India?
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    @mt3o well there are a lot of possibilities -
    1 day stay at a 3 star hotel

    Food is cheap and tasty so a good meal(not going for the brands or hotels Burger King and all) costs around Rs 60-80 or 1$ so you could have food for 7 days perhaps.

    2 movies in a good theater along with popcorn and pepsi

    Quite of university students and companies don't seem to get the value VS effort for a developer in India.They take on a lot of unpaid internships and the ones like I described above(Slavery in Disguise).

    Fun Fact - Even though the stipend and project was stated clearly in the description,there were 238 applicants for this internship xD
    So concluding, for 14$ you could definitely have this coursera clone made by students.
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    That's thievery... In XIX century due to similar conditions (ok, not work hygene), the communism was born.
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    Would 300 usd per month be a lot for an intership in india?
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    @Santaclauze depends on the company that's offering
    The Big - N offer ranging from 500-1500$ a month to interns in India
    For a growing startup 300-400$ is the higher end of what you could get here.
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    @dungeonmaster That's still quite low compared to elsewhere.

    From an employer's (and dev's) perspective, what about code quality? I know Indian schools still teach using Borland's Turbo C/C++, so I really wonder.
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    @Root yeah hence so many Indian Migrating to 1st world nations for better life quality, better work conditions etc.

    The Code Quality coming out isn't so good in quite companies and this isn't due to lack of talent,I feel it is mainly because hectic deadlines.(I was reading an article where the same MNC wanted to get things done in 3 months in India for which devs were given 9 months in their NYC office, hence not much focus on testing and code quality)

    Otherwise considering the living costs here the anything above 700$ is more than enough for an Internship.

    Yeah schools still use Turbo C++,and colleges(most) are a joke for providing industry relevant skills.

    But slowly this all has started changing as the startup culture has started blooming and we students want to learn about new technologies and correct methodologies and apply them to solve real world problems.
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    I’ll send you $14 right now if you tell him to fuck off
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    @kayb01000010 @ceee I once heard the fact that breathing for a day in Delhi without mask is like smoking 45 cigarette. If this is true then why don't they migrate? Atleast think about your future children, they may born with disabilities. Prioritise your health, not money!
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    I wouldn't write Hello World for a thousand rupees.
    Why'd you even agree?
    The minimum I was paid on an internship was β‚Ή7000 a month when I was a newbie, had just started learning 5 months back.
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    @BugsBuggy 7k? was it full time? :O
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    @screams yup it was.
    Also I have taken up free lance projects, one was for 8k, a demo app with 6 in office days, and the other was purely free lance, 20k for the full app.
    Another work from home full time internship, 10k.
    They'd give 15k to in office interns. It was a startup.

    But don't focus on the money, go for the experience.
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    @dungeonmaster you should told to company, go fuck yourself with 1k.
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    Putanginang yan
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