Reading programmer stuff on reddit:

"C# onlY woRkZ on MicRoSoft aNd m0n0 suCks"

Someone else:

"Dude, .net core has been out for a while what are you talking about?"


"OMg I diDNt Kn0W thaT!!"

Really guys?? Its been out forfuckingEver....

this is the thing. People talk shit, spread misinformation, and just looo amazingly ignorant without trying to figure shit out properly first.

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    Yeah but whyd u use an incomplete, half supported, slow framework thing when you can just use anything from the jvm.
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    Serious question. Why do people dislike mono? The few times I used it, it just worked flawlessly without having to refactor any code for linux.
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    @ganjaman it is none of those things and it has been production ready for a while now tho. The point is, people spread misinformation and everyone believes it. I know you don't dig .net, but it is by far not a bad platform man
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    @Azer0s 2 very good articles that dont mention the jvm they use out of the like 3 or 4 options, thanks for sharing useless arbitrary information and making me waste time hoping it would be useful. Also if speed is your main concern, maybe a vm language is not what you should use.
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    @AleCx04 the plank aint a bad platform but i not gonna walk it man
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    @ganjaman no need to be rude my dude. You mentioned speed. You were wrong.

    Also...why would anyone use Oracle Java?? I'd much rather use openjdk.
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    @ganjaman the point is .net core can tun on other os than wjndows now (.net can run on mac but still)
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    I coded some C# on my macbook when I first bought it... it was okish...still quite a bit to make it a pleasant experience... I mean, compared to write software using Visual Studio (not that mac vs tho, thats sub-prime)...

    Writing software on a windows machine with enough power and visual studio + reshaper makes me feel like some sort of fucking indigo kid playing piano...

    10 out of 10 guys complaining about VS, crashes, updates and .NET in general are using shit hardware and got no fucking clue how to tie their shoe laces among other problems like impotence and being dunning-kruger effect prone
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    @cobolplz just use Jetbrains Rider m8
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    @irene i can see people not liking mono. Understand it even. But .net core came out a while ago and peeps still b talking mad shit about it.
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    And mono has been around even longer
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    The thing is, technology evolved faster than our brain.
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    Reddit being wrong about everything again?
    Who woulda thought?
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    @brano88 yo, Rider is fucking amazing dude
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