First year at university, prepared to set up multiple electronics.
rPi, arduino Ethernet shield, laptop, and desktop.
Brand new netgear switch to satisfy my internet surfing needs....

After setting up my devices, I realized none of them have internet. Hm. The feed port on my switch wasn't blinking either. So I tell the front desk, and a short 7 days later the port is back on. Yay, problem solved.

One morning I arise to see the port dark and inactive. Furious I use my laptop to share an internet connection while my actual port is "broken".

Support ticket is reopened and this time I get an email saying the port was disabled due to a security issue.

Me: what's the issue?
IT: there was more than two devices connected to the port

(OnLy TwO dEvIcEs PeR port???)

Me: oh okay I will only connect two.

The next day the port is disabled, again.

Me: can you tell me why it was disabled?
IT: a switch was detected being used, security error.
Me: how do I connect more than one device to the port without a switch???
IT: ...
IT: Please only connect one device.


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    I had something similar in a big corp with idiotic internal IT billing.

    You could just configure your PC as router and connect your stuff to your PC.
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    Why do u need so much stuff?
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    Wtf. So if you have a pc, a phone and a tablet, you are a security issue? I wonder how they would treat virtual machines.

    @JKyll you think that's much?
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    @JKyll I mean, as a computer science dude it sorta just works out that way.
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    @AadamZ5 I've never had to, but then again I'm piss poor.
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    @JKyll I think as a piss poor person you should have a crapload of fart old devices. I call it a tit sweat lame excuse
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    What imbecill. But, i guess they have a policy so then its okay...
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    @electrineer I do have a lot of old devices, an rpi, Arduino and some other stuff. My point is you don't NEED it to be CS major.
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    @JKyll I have an EE degree equivalent to master and didn't have a laptop as student. In fact, I had a fountain pen and paper for writing. Yeah and a desktop PC at home. I couldn't even afford a room back then and had to travel 50km one way every day - by railway because I couldn't afford a car either. So what, not everyone is born rich, and you have to do what you can with what you have.

    But if these days, students play around with affordable stuff like RPi and Arduino, that's a good thing.
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    My pi has been my primary development box for some time now.. I have a gaming laptop but I prefer to use the pi and watch it struggle. Only downside is when I need true x86 but then I can just ssh into a different box or remote compile
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