What are your effective ways of learning how to program?

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    I prefer just doing a project and figuring out stuff as I go. Of course, a basic programming course on data types, data structures, their characteristics, basic algorithms, Boolean logic and stuff is also useful.
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    @Fast-Nop this, the reason I became a well versed programmer at a young age was because I took an idea and tried to materialize it no matter what.

    You will learn 10x more stuff trying to create a small chat app that you would do in, let's say, a standard networks class.
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    @JKyll I even have this as seasoned dev. Actually, I just wanted to get my hands on Cortex-M and decided to implement a project. That has gone totally out of hands and has become an ongoing endeavour. ^^
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    You only learn programming while programming
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    Make mistakes. Lots of them.
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    Figure out what you want to make. Than try to do it, stackoverflow.com will be a huge help. Just remember "perfection is the biggest hinderer of progress", you can't fix/find every single bug.
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