Apple can just sell anything for double it's price now huh?

There's no way that IPhone XR is worth $750. I bet the R stands for RIP OFF !

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    It's the iPhone 8 plus hardware - with buffs. It also has the new faceID tech and a crazy LCD implementation. Also has the crazy new chip that's leagues faster than anything Android side by far... It's also retailing for less than the 8 plus did last year. Your getting more value for the same price as any other Android flagship
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    The pixel 2 XL retails for 850. The XR has better hardware
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    @windlessuser maybe some people like that faceID, screen and the other features but they aren't for me, I'm not paying $750 for a 720p phone with a software I dislike but thats only me

    Yeah it's cheaper than the iPhone 8 plus but I think the 8 plus was a bit overpriced and the idea of XR is to be more affordable to people, I feel $750 is a bit too much
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    @windlessuser Both are way too overpriced, honestly. When you think that Apple could halve the price of their phones and still make money, it's insane.
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    @windlessuser thats a load of bs sorry. Also I take an oled over a "crazy lcd" screen any day. And what exactly are you doing with your faster chip? My phone couldnt run faster or more smooth
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    @musician this is the era of AR. You're going to need a chip like that
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    @windlessuser it's not an era of AR. Not yet at least. And by the time it gets popular, there will be tons of more powerful smartphones out there. Also, this LCD will still suck compared to any OLED.
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    @DawidCyron apple more than anyone else has been going all in on ML and AR. The hardware choices over the past 2 years reflect this. It has also been the focus of their developer conferences.

    You need to think of the iPhone X as a public beta of their technology. I predict at most 2 more iphones before they release their AR product. I'm guessing somewhere between Google Glass and the Focus from Horizon Zero Dawn. And it will be a device people will want to Wear like the apple watch.

    It's amazing how many people are not seeing the writing on the wall. Google is still floundering. It's going to be a massive shift just like what the original iPhone did.
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