Apple can just sell anything for double it's price now huh?

There's no way that IPhone XR is worth $750. I bet the R stands for RIP OFF !

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    It's the iPhone 8 plus hardware - with buffs. It also has the new faceID tech and a crazy LCD implementation. Also has the crazy new chip that's leagues faster than anything Android side by far... It's also retailing for less than the 8 plus did last year. Your getting more value for the same price as any other Android flagship
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    The pixel 2 XL retails for 850. The XR has better hardware
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    @windlessuser maybe some people like that faceID, screen and the other features but they aren't for me, I'm not paying $750 for a 720p phone with a software I dislike but thats only me

    Yeah it's cheaper than the iPhone 8 plus but I think the 8 plus was a bit overpriced and the idea of XR is to be more affordable to people, I feel $750 is a bit too much
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    @windlessuser Both are way too overpriced, honestly. When you think that Apple could halve the price of their phones and still make money, it's insane.
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    iPhone is a rip off, xr is eXtra Ripoff
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    @windlessuser thats a load of bs sorry. Also I take an oled over a "crazy lcd" screen any day. And what exactly are you doing with your faster chip? My phone couldnt run faster or more smooth
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    @musician this is the era of AR. You're going to need a chip like that
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