I currently have a piece of shit Acer. It made a bunch of weird beeps at me last night and the screen had a seizure. What brand of should I look at for a new laptop?

My last computer was a MacBook Pro that I loved. I didn’t have any problems with it until my cat spilled Pepsi on it. I’ve used Dells and Lenovo’s at work - they both got the job done.

Should I go back to Apple because I liked their laptop more than any other I’ve used or should I go for a Windows laptop that is priced reasonably? Should I try to build my own laptop?

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    Technically your last laptop was Acer. :P
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    Why was your cat drinking pepsi?
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    @NotWhoIUsedToBe Cat was thirsty duuuhh
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    @bratsbratsbrats depends on what you want to do. Love them Macs for the simplicity of setting up environments and the keyboard.
    Whatever else works.
    I've grown kinda fond for Lenovo lately
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    @perotti if I had the budget I'll go for a dell XPS, hp envy, or even xiaomi mi notebook pro
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    Since I can buy twice to three times the specs in almost any brand for the same price as a MacBook, and still have an escape key and function keys, I just cannot justify spending my own money on a Mac. The one I have is company-issued. That's the only way I'll get one.
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    From Apple fans themselves I hear the new Xiaomi laptop is the best non-Apple MacBook in 2018 (and even better than the official MacBook). The Dell XPS is pretty good and you can't go wrong with a decent Asus.

    I'd throw Linux on it for that wonderful Unix feel though, regardless of what you get.
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    If you're in germany: nexoc.com
    If not: lenovo seems to be most decent
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    Asus Zenbook is your friend. Looks like Apple but is cheaper
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