Creating custom java swing jbutton builder... what do you think about this GUI???

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    My personal opinion - looks like a Flash game from 2004-ish ... that being said, it's not about the looks but about the functionality, and the functionality for the initial version looks good.
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    @theKarlisK What is 2004-ish on this. The only flat thing in that time were animated. UI elements and everything else was pseudo-3D or glossy.
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    @Artemix I have to admit that swing is old and fairly buggy when it comes to transparency.
    However for quick and dirty solutions it is very convenient.
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    @LinusCDE nah, you're thinking about Flash navigation menus... what I meant was straight up Flash games - think: Newsgrounds site, the fancy pants adventure, bowman, bubble trouble ... and numerous stickman fighters.
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    @theKarlisK But thouse rarly cared about fitting colors (like using HSV).
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