Apple, 2018: We are pleased to announce support for Dual SIM on iPhone Xs.

Apple, 2019: We are pleased to announce support for 3.5mm headphone jack.

Make it happen.

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    Even though Apple's iPhone hardware is not the latest tech like dual sim support, no SD card support ...etc.

    But let's face it, that brings them shitload of money. why? Its been waaay long that I'm sure high percentage of iPhone users needed that dual sim support, so throwing at right now = guaranteed majority of those who needed will buy the new iPhone = more item sold

    I don't blame Apple for their way of selling, I blame the people if those sales dropped Apple would have taken the move long time ago and not kept milking the damn cow until it ran out of milk then got a new one.
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    >dual sim support
    Finally... Android phones have had dual sim support for a while
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    Sorry but why would anyone buy this. If you spend this much get a note 9. Much more features, headphone jack, better screen...
    Heck they even include a usb c to micro usb adapter. Apple doesnt even include a headphone adapter. For over 1200 dollars ffs
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